Corporate Social Responsibility

The key driving force behind what the Argyle Foods Group, it’s to ensure achieve and maintain a positive approach to our Strategic model. To achieve and maintain responsibility, the Argyle Foods Group will manage impacts and minimise risks to protect the strategy and the sustainability of the business.

There are several key areas that are paramount to our CSR strategy.


Strong governance strengthens Argyle Foods Group organisational performance. The business is committed to ethical practices in all dealing across the business – internal and external. Our objective is to remain transparent and always accountable.

Argyles corporate reputation will consider the understandings of risks, implementation of rigorous controls and manage performance to ensure agreement to company obligations. By achieving compliance to our corporate reputation, it will strengthen and provide confidence to our shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees and the communities in which we operate.


Committed to providing benefits to the community in which we operate through our people, business investments and commitments. Where possible source inputs locally, employ local people and partner with people and organisations that share our values.

Environment and protection

The Argyle Foods Group have measurable targets to reduce their environmental impacts, including our consumption of energy, water and the amount of waste.

The Argyle Foods Group have measurable targets to reduce their environmental impacts, including our consumption of energy, water and the amount of waste.

Food Safety and Quality

Our customers’ confidence in our many brands is of paramount importance – every attempt is undertaken to ensure that the food we produce is of the highest standards of food safety and quality and that we will continually identify ways in which to improve our food safety practices.

Argyle foods Group safety programs are based on internationally recognised standards and best practices, which in turn are independently audited and certified. The utilisation of product assessments and testing programs are used to verify that our products meet compliance standards and regulatory requirements. All food safety programs are regularly reviewed, assessed and updated to facilitate continuous improvement.

On farm Animal Welfare

Argyle Foods Group operate under the Australian Livestock Processing Industry Animal Welfare Certification System (AAWCS). An independently certified animal welfare program that ensures that livestock under our control are managed in accordance with best practice animal welfare standards.

The group strive to continually improve and promote the importance of animal welfare handling practices. Argyle Foods Group is committed to ensuring that all cattle are treated humanely at all stages of their life cycle from birth to weaning, to fattening, finishing, transportation and processing. As such, Argyle Foods Group is invested in every sector of the supply chain to ensure the humane treatment of the livestock with dedicated calf handling facilities, company owned livestock trucks, new and efficient automated cattle handling facilities and an extensive laneway system within the farming operations to assist with husbandry and stock movements. Every paddock within Argyles Pastoral operations must have dual water sources and stock always have access to well shaded tree areas and clean water. All pastoral employees are inducted to understand all pastoral policies and must complete the “low stress livestock handling” course prior to working with any livestock.


Argyle Foods Group are committed to ensuring that our business practices are fair and responsible. The group have a strong commitment to take account of their ethics, labour rights, health and safety and environmental responsibilities.