About Argyle Foods Group

Argyle Foods Group is a fully vertically integrated Meat Processing Operation. From genetics, breeding, fattening, processing through to sales, marketing and distribution.The business is run by Co CEO’s Lachlan and Bryce Graham with the support of an experienced management team.

Argyle Pastoral operates a large scale mixed farming enterprise on the fertile South West Slopes of New South Wales, with a historic Angus stud and commercial breeding and fattening herd. The cattle run on the Argyle Pastoral property are from one of the oldest genetic lines of Angus in Australia from the early 1900’s. The high standard approach that the Graham family have taken to producing cattle and sheep has resulted in the numerous awards including:

Argyle Foods Group plant is located a short 21/2-hour drive from Sydney NSW, allowing both transporting, air freighting and shipping our product effortless via Sydney’s International Airport and Port – the gateway for international customers.

Our world-leading facility uses state-of-the-art machinery ensuring quality controls and consistency at every stage of production. On a daily basis, Argyle packages orders to supply leading retailers and food service industries globally in multiple brands and packaging to suit our customers’ requirements.

With Argyle’s all-natural, free range, premium quality Australian beef and lamb. We also offer grain fed Angus, non-Angus and wagyu products for specific markets and customers.

Argyle Foods Group pack daily for domestic and international orders. With export access Globally, supplying beef and lamb in chilled and frozen portions – including Asia, the Middle East, Northern America, central America and Pacific Islands. Argyle Foods Group also supplies leading Australian retailers and the food service industry.

Argyle has a branded presence in more than 3000 retail outlets worldwide. Argyle Foods Group has recently partnered with a strategic investor to develop the Chinese retail and food service markets as well as expand the vertical integration from genetics, breeding, fattening, processing through to sales, marketing and distribution.

DCH and Argyle's plans include expansion into Greater China. Argyle's export markets in the region, do however, already include Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Taiwan, Cambodia, Japan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand and Korea.

Depending on individual client’s requirements our multiple machines on site have the capability to pack in chilled or Frozen, covering all primal and retail, portioning (including value added) cuts of beef and lamb lines. Our diverse methods of packaging are MAP (modified air packaging), Darfresh, Thermo formed or cryovac.

Message from our CEOs

Being part of the farming community for over five generations we understand the importance of working together and being part of a team. From our beginnings as a humble family farm to a large-scale mixed farming operation, Argyle Foods Group is a proud supporter of our local community.

Our farms, livestock, and farming sustainability are deeply centered in our family’s heart. An ethical approach to our farming practices ensures the sustainability for generations to come. The group have a strong commitment to take account of our health and safety and environmental responsibilities all of employees and stakeholders.

With a focus on delivering a consistently great quality product we could not have achieved our goals without the knowledge, dedication and drive of our stakeholders, employees and our well managed processing facility which has been specifically designed to handle global scale.

Our customers’ confidence in our many brands is of paramount importance – every attempt is undertaken to ensure that the food we produce is of the highest standards of food safety and quality.

- Bryce & Lachlan Graham


Argyle Foods Group proudly sponsors a variety of charities that are close to our hearts. We will continue to support our local charities, and encourage you to review the charities we sponsor.